Red House Art Gallery Featured Artists


A variety of truly talented artists are showcased at the gallery. Some of the artists include: Rebecca Mc Nerney, Susan Luckey Higdon, Jo Ann Hanna, Jeff Daniel Smith, Cyndra Bradford, Tim Lazer, Silvio Silvestri, Delia Bradford, Stephanie Rose Long, Duane Dahl, Gene Van Essen, Carla Gibson, Reena Horowitz, Vince Kraft, Jill O'Reilly, Charles Albert, Rebecca McNerney, Brian Carl and others.

A Showcase of Styles and Creativity


Colorful rural scenes, American landscapes, masterfully painted figurative studies, still life, and impressionistic styles are represented in the galleries collection.


Click the thumbnails below to learn more about the artists at Red House Art.

Carla Gibson

Dave Keyes

Delia Bradford

Emilio Sotelo

Jeff Daniel Smith

Jo Ann Hanna

John Manley

Mark Stevenson

Moira Donohoe

Silvio Silvestri

Susan Luckey Higdon

Tim Lazer

Gene Van Essen